v0.0.1 beta

Yay, Framed v0.0.1 has been released! Keep in mind that this is a beta version, and that certain features may be buggy or not yet fully implemented.

I opened Framed and the graph is empty. Why?

The graph will only start updating once you go live. When you do go live, you may need to wait up to 15 seconds for the graph to update.

This means that Framed cannot connect to Streamlabs OBS. Please ensure that Streamlabs OBS is open and that you have set the token in the Framed settings.

If you have already done both of those, click on the red link icon. This will attempt to connect to Streamlabs OBS.

What are the icons shown under the System Stats heading?

From left to right: CPU, memory (RAM), disk read, disk write, network download, network upload.

Hovering over any icon in the app will show a tooltip showing what it means.

Why does CPU usage goes above 100%?

Calculating CPU usage is actually not that easy. The CPU data Framed can collect contains only the amount of time the CPU has been busy since your computer started. On its own, this data isn’t useful. Framed waits a certain amount of time, and then collects CPU data again and calculates a percentage based on the difference and the amount of time that passed.

While this calculation is usually fairly accurate, there are times when it can provide a very high CPU usage. Different calculations and options for calculating CPU usage are being tested, and this issue should hopefully be resolved in a future version.

I have multiple SSDs/HDDs in my computer, but only the usage on my main one shows?

This is intentional. The C drive is where Windows is installed, and therefore this is the disk that is monitored.

My computer has multiple network interfaces (common for VPN users), but the network usage doesn’t update. Why?

When Framed requests network interface data, it looks at only the interfaces that have handled traffic and considers the first one to be the main interface. This may be changed in future versions.

I want to see what programs are running when frame drops are detected.

While the code for this has been implemented, it had to be disabled as it caused high CPU usage. Once this is properly optimized, this feature will be added back into Framed.

Why does Framed save files with a “.frd” file extension?

This is done so that you can more easily find Framed data files, and to reduce the chance that you accidentally open an incompatible file with Framed.

The Open button in the File menu does nothing.

Correct. The ability to open saved Framed files will be added in a future version.

Task Manager reports high CPU usage while Framed is open.

While Framed was designed to use as little CPU as possible, there are some cases where it may result in higher than usual CPU usage. It is important to check whether the Framed processes are causing high CPU usage, or if another process (such as your antivirus software) is the issue.

If it’s your antivirus software, please add an exception for Framed.

In either case, please contact me using the email address below so the issue can be resolved for future versions.

I need help with Framed.

Either open an issue on GitHub, or send an email to support [at] framed-app.com. Remember to include as much information as possible.

Framed help me. How can I help Framed?

You can help by telling your streamer friends and sending them a link to the Framed website.